The Cool Life of the Cannady Clan

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Long Time

No blog, WOW!! I better step it up. Okay, so what is happening in Cannady Land. We closed on our house on May 9th and moved on in. We love it!! We actually just paid our first mortgage payment and even though it was more than the rent we are used too, it was so refreshing because we knew our hard work over the years was paying off. I will post some pics of our house on this blog. We have really enjoyed it and it is such as nice change. The kids love it too!! They run around like wild animals. Bella has her best buddy who lives right down the street and they play a lot, little Miss Kayla who makes us laugh. She also has a good friend that lives right behind us, Katie. We have truly been blessed with great neighbours and great friends here. When we moved in we had a nice little get together and grilled for some close friends. I also recently had my first playdate with a bunch of friends and their babies. It is so nice to have a place to feel proud of and welcome people into. We look forward to many more visits from family and friends.


Welcome to The Cool Life of the Cannady Clan

Welcome to Cannady Land. In this story you will meet a handsome southern man, Terry, who is married to his cute Canadian wife, Jolene. Together they have a beautiful 6-year-old daughter, Isabella, and a sweet little 1-year-old son, Tjaden. Enjoy their stories.

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