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Friday, June 6, 2008


James and I are still plugging along!!

We just had family pics taken and should be getting those soon, so I will post those!

A little about James and I...James is going to start school again next week.  The IRS is paying for him to take some classes, so that is what he will be doing, and working JUST ONE JOB!!!  hip hooray to that!!! It has been so nice having him home more.  We get to spend all morning and afternoon with him and then he goes to work at about 3:30.  He is such a great husband and dad.  I am so grateful for him.

He's been doing a lot around the house, working hard in our yard, planting a garden, some beautiful trees and putting up a wooden fence in the front of our yard!  It's so beautiful. He is a talented man.

Well, I hate talking about myself, I'd rather brag about my wonderful fam... but....I am still doing my work at home job, just 4 hours a week. I try to get business for a man named Brad Barton who is an inspirational speaker.  He is also a mangician and uses magic in his presentations. The job can get tedious and hard sometimes but I am still grateful for it, and think that Brad is awesome and I am glad to be a part of his team.  For anyone who is interested in seeing him in action here is a link to a short demo, www.ogden.cc/brad/.

I am actually training to run a half marathon!!!  I know...CRAZY!!! The marathon is in August.(13 miles)  I ran 8 miles the other day with Tara, who is also running the half marathon for the second year in a row.  It is crazy hard, but I am loving it and I love the feeling I get when I am done running.  It has been a personal journey for me and I have done a lot of growing and strengthening (literally) in the process.  I LOVE being a mom, LOVE being a wife, and I love all of you who took the time to read my blog!


Mommy, I am hungry!!

TYLER!!!  I love having a son.  From the day Tyler was born we have had a strong connection. I just GET him. 

His is SOOOO active!  He makes me dizzy sometimes just watching him.  From the moment his head is off the pillow in the morning until the time it's back on the pillow at night he is moving.  He is growing like a weed, and I kid you not, he comes up to me every half hour and says he is hungry.

He is so ready for Kindergarten. He is excited and wishes it was tomorrow that he was going.  It will be a little easier sending him off to kindergarten than it was Kylee, but it still makes me sad.  I don't like them being gone from me.  I know he will do well and love it there.

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Girly Girls

My sweet girls.  Kylee is 7, and of course acting like she is 17!!! She is out of school, which I love! I love having my kids home with me. Kylee loves being home too, she isn't too fond of school.  She is very smart and sometimes I think she gets bored at school.  She is growing up too fast. I try to spend as much time with her as I can and I am trying to teach her all I know (which isn't much).  She is fun to be with and treats her sisters and brother so well. I don't know what I would do if she didn't help me with Malia while I made dinner!

Baily is 3 and POTTY TRAINED!!! Can you say HALELULLA!!!! (I sure don't know how to spell that word)  She has been quit the little stinker with potty training.  She would hold her pee in all day long and never release the pee until evening time and then she would flood the floor.  It was very frustrating.  We would spend a lot of time sitting on the potty, singing songs, chanting "Let my pee pee go!" But no matter what we did, no amount of candy offers or sticker charts could get her to pee in the toilet.  So I just gave up and decided she would pee when she was ready.  Well, she woke up this last Saturday and decided that she was going to pee. She peed that morning and has been potty trained ever since, I am talking totally trained. Poop, night time, everything. Not one accident.  Dont ask me how it happened!  She has become a sweet girl. She is very smart and pleasent most of the time.  She tells every one that she is 4 and that she is "bigger now".  She is fun.

Malia Ann, AKA:angel!! This is the sweetest, most content well behaved baby in all the world.  James and I wonder every day what we ever did to deserve our Malia.  We think that about all our kids, of course!!!

Malia has been such an amazing addition to our family.  She is in such a fun stage now, sitting up on her own and smiling at everyone and everything.

It's no secret that the girl is chubby!!! At her 6 months checkup she was almost 20 pounds!  She is short for her age, so all that lovely chub just looks chubbier!  What can I say, isn't she beautiful!!! She is our gift from a very loving Father in Heaven.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008


We may not have it all together, But together we have it all!!!

We have a family blog!!! I feel like we are the last people on earth to get one!!! It's been fun settin' it up and can't wait to keep you all posted on the Hansen home and all the messes we are getting ourselves into!!!

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